The Last of London

A week ago Monday was our last full day in London and we had a lot we still wanted to see. However, we were lazy girls in the morning and did not get up hit the town until after noon. I got a cold in London (early morningslate nights = sickness) so we read and got ready for our day and eventually made it out! Our first stop was Shakespeares Globe Theatre. Being an English major I really wanted to tour the theatre and it was so worth it. The history was really interesting and I loved learning about that era (my favorite era in history). I would love to, one day, see a play there!

The Globe was so pretty:

To top it off, kids were practicing on the stage as, each year, schools interpret and put on a Shakespeare play. It was so adorable and made me think of all the ways I will be able to incorporate Shakespeare into my classroom when I am (eventually) a teacher.

Ashley and I had planned on doing another tour after that but we ran late so we invented our own tour. We walked through town and saw the Tower Bridge.

We also came across a cherry blossom tree that we had to get a picture near!

After lunch, we walked around with our coffees f-o-r-e-v-e-r because there is a huge lack of bins in London (apparently due to bomb threats). Ashley was so excited when she found one!

We ended our explorations at St. Paul’s Cathedral which was so beautiful (no pictures were allowed inside though).

London was so much fun. I am definitely learning that there are so many positives to traveling with a friend and I loved re-visitng a city I had previously visited.

Dublin was next so pictures coming soon!

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