St. Patrick's Day in Ireland!

Last Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day! YIPPEE! One of my main reasons Ashley and I traveled backed to Dublin (in between London and Italy) was because I wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day there. I couldn’t imagine living in Dublin for almost a year and not being there to celebrate and take in the festivities of the day!

We went into town (decked out in our St. Patrick’s Day jewels – thanks Mom for sending them!).

Me on Henry Street (it looks way less busy than it was!).

Ashley and her tattood arm sleeves!

After grabbing drinks in town we went to the Guiness Factory. I am not a Guiness lover but I really wanted to see the factory (which is, apparently, the largest alcohol factory in the world!). Ashley had never tried Guiness before but after trying it, she may never again! Hehe (Guiness is definitely an acquired taste!)

St. Patrick’s Day was really fun and I am glad we were in Ireland to celebrate!

Ashley and I are now making our way through Italy so lots of posts filled with beautiful buildings, sites and food to come!

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2 Responses to St. Patrick's Day in Ireland!

  1. Mrs. Blondin says:

    I love guinness! So jealous.

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