A Growing Love for Venice

I first visited Venice last July when I was staying with the McFaul’s in Northern Italy. I was awe struck by the beauty of the town and loved all of the old buildings but after a day in Venice, I felt I had seen it so I wasn’t super keen to re-visited it. However, it was a life long dream of Ashley’s to visit so I gladly jumped on bored when she wanted to visit it and I am SO glad I did. I loved Venice even more the second time around (and maybe I will love it even more the third when I visit again in June!).

To travel to Venice we got up super early in Dublin and first flew to London and then to Venice. Let me tell you.it was a very long day and we were super tired by the time we reached Venice (after 12 hours of travel). We lugged around super heavy carry ons because we made a mistake with our RyanAir booking and didn’t allow for enough weight in our check in bag. Big mistake! It was torture carrying our 10kg + carryons around the airports. We had even purchased an extra bag that could hold both our stuff but the strap of that bag broke before we were even on our first plane! In the London airport we underwent a bunch of security screening because we had thrown things into our carryons without really thinking (shampoo, nail scissors, etc.). Looking back it was all pretty funny and, by some miracle, Ashley and I survived. We were both frustrating but we didn’t take it out on each other (we took it out on RyanAir haha) and we made it through!

In Venice we stayed on a little island right beside the main one at the loveliest bed and breakfast. It was so cute (and cheap!) and was so perfect we didn’t want to leave. We only had one full day in Venice so we took advantage of everything we could.

Ashley was so excited for the Italian food!

St. Mark’s Square:

Pasta was everywhere!

Ashley greatly enjoyed all of the shopping opportunities!

I worked on my camera skills (thankful that I now have someone I can now take pictures of!).

We ended our day in Murano, where all of the famous glass is made. We even got to see a glass blowing demonstration, very neat!

Venice was beautifulthese are some of my favorite shots.

Just as we arrived it seemed like we were leaving again! Off to Cinque Terre (and a 5 hour train ride) we went!

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