Cinque Terre, I Love You!

Our time in Cinque Terre has been amazing. Seriously. So amazing. It has become, without a doubt, one of my favorite places in the world. I love everything about it!

Our journey from Venice to Cinque Terre was rough. We ran late to the ferry leaving Venice and my suitcase wheel busted (oh jeez.hoping to get it fixed soon because it is a pain in the butt!). By some miracle we made our train leaving Venice. Our first train was smooth and we arrived in Florence without a hitch. We then had two connecting trains to get to Cinque Terre. We bored the first one, lunch in tow and settled in then this crazy train man (not sure what their title is hehe) to check our tickets but because we had not validated them (we didn’t know./ I forgot from when I was in Italy before) he wanted to charge us 40 euro. Long story short, we got kicked off the train (because he made us get off to validate it) and we had to wait in the middle of no where until the next one came an hour later. This made us miss our last train which made us arrive in Cinque Terre later than expected. Because it is off season, the hostel was only open until 5pm and we were late! But, it all worked out too because they left us a key! So lucky. The day was so long and we were so glad to finally arrive. The silver lining of the day was that we learned a lot. We learned that we can deal with stressful situations and that even when things are difficult we can handle it! To top it off, we didn’t fight or get annoyed with one another. We dealt with it!

Anywho, this was the view when we arrived (we totally relaxed the moment we arrived in the quaint little town of Riomaggiore).

The next day we headed off to hike to the other little towns. Unfortunately, only one trail was open due to heavy rain and landsides the week before. Even though we only got to a hike for a bit it was so worth it. Cinque Terre is absolutely stunning!

At the start of the walk, with Riomaggiore behind me.

So very pretty.

People had written all over the rocks and the plants so Ashley left our mark!

The section we walked was called Via dell’Amore (Path of Love); people leave locks to sympolize their forever love.

As the trip continued, I practice my photo skills with Ashley!

Nearing the next town, Manarolo:

Manarolo was so pretty!

We then caught a train to the last town, Monterosso, and had a relaxing afternoon by the beach, drinking wine and eating bruchetta.

While we were eating lunch an Italian man and his wife walked by and he stopped to greet uskissing us both. It was pretty darn funny. Later we saw him again and decided we needed to get a picture with him. He was sort of creepy but totally harmless. It is true what they say about Italian men (of all ages)!

Cinque Terre was so much fun. I am so glad we stopped there! Next, Florence!

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