Florence + Pisa

Oh Florence, what can I say about you? I want to love you, I really did. Everyone I know who has visited you loved you but, alas, I did not.

Florence is a beautiful city, filled with pretty old buildings, great restaurants and lots of museums. Unfortunately for me, I am not a museum buff or lover (and luckily for me, neither is Ashley) so we both felt stumped as to what to do in Florence. We visited David (which was, I will admit very neat) and tried to wander the museum it is held in but just felt out of place. We both know little about art and though we both want to know more, we felt lost. When we asked the Tourist Info office what else there was to do in Florence she looked at us like we were crazy – tourists come to Florence for the art.

Florence was really pretty. I loved all the courtyards filled with students (many of them from North America). If I was an art or history student, it would have been amazing to come and live in Florence for a semester!

The dumo was so beautiful!

Me, trying to be fancy with my favorite Iphone App, Instagram:

Ashley and I were in Florence for three nights so after visiting the sights the first day, we decided to take a side trip to visit Pisa. Long story short, we woke up early to catch a train to Pisa, I got on the train, Ashley did not (the train was closing its doors, I hopped on and somehow, Ashley didn’t!). Frantic hand movements resulted in us both thinking different things and with no cell phones, it made for an interesting day of us searching different cities for each other (I made my way back to Florence, Ashley went to Pisa). Six hours later we were reunited! That day will be many of the funny experiences we look back on 🙂

One thing we have to work on this trip: not exploding our stuff all over the room!

The day after our train confusion, we bid adieu to Florence and stopped in Pisa for a few hours before heading on to Siena.

In Pisa, we saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa (which is quite a bit smaller than we thought it would be!

Next, Ashley and I traveled at the most incredible B&B in Sienamore to come soon!

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One Response to Florence + Pisa

  1. Jen says:

    That’s okay, Allie. I’ll love Florence enough for both of us. Probably only because I haven’t been to the other equally as beautiful spots you are headed!

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