Under The Tuscan Sun

Our trip into Tuscany was simply lovely. I enjoyed every minute of it and really did not want to leave! Ashley and I splurged and stayed at a B&B versus a hostel because we wanted a real Tuscan experience (and by splurge I mean spend 10 euro extra!) and it was the best decision we could have made! The Villa we stayed at was ½ hour from Siena and it was beautiful. They own a huge farm (that makes olive oil) and their property stretches to the mountains so we got to go for walks without worrying about whose land we were walking on. Loved it!

We were so busy having fun and relaxing, we didn’t take picture until the morning we left!

One of the buildings on the farm:

The grounds were so pretty! [it was morning so the mist had not lifted…the day we were there was super sunny]

Ashley + I:

We left Tuscany for Rome, but first we had to stop in Siena. We originally thought we would spend more time in Siena but we fell so in love with the countryside that we only ended up spending a few hours in the city.

Siena is built up on hills, this is looking onto one of the three (I believe) hills.

This church was absolutely breathtaking, inside and out:

Ashley couldn’t help herself and had to buy jewelrywhile we were on a walking tour!

The famous square where the horse race, between different districts is still held to this day.

Siena and the countryside were so great! Definitely a spot I would love to re-visit one day. Next…Rome (and our last Italian city)!

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3 Responses to Under The Tuscan Sun

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  2. Betty Scott says:

    Your pictures and descriptions are absolutely fabulous. Glad to see the”shopper” is holding on to her reputation!

  3. Auntie Ellie says:

    Loved the pictures – How I wish I was there too!! It is so beautiful – glad you are having such a great time. Think of you a lot !!!
    Love you
    A. Ellie

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