Trip Interrupted

It always amazes me how a trip can go so smoothly and how, in a blink of a second, everything can change.

Ashley and I have been having so much fun on our trip. We have been seeing so many incredible places – places we have been dreaming of seeing since we were kids who yearned to travel and we have been getting along way better than I could have ever expect (even the greatest of friends would have challenges traveling together 24/7 for five weeks!).

On Friday morning (April 1stwishing this was an April Fools Joke!), Ashley and I woke up in Athens, excited to explore the city as it was our only day there. For the first night since London, we were in a shared dorm (we had been lucking out and getting super cheap private rooms – sweetness!) but, despite the shared accommodations, we felt really comfy and safe. The girls we were sharing the room with seemed really nice, the hostel was clean and the staff were friendly. Life was good. That morning, we started getting ready when Ashley unlocked her suitcase and noticed that it was ripped – or something. It didn’t take us long to figure out that it wasn’t ripped but that her locked suitcase had been cut and her purse (which held her passport, money, credit cards (etc), camera, iphone, among other things) was gone. The bunk underneath Ashley was now empty and the girl from Manchester who we thought was ubber friendly (who had dished out endless advice about the city) was gone. We knew immediately what had happened and while we both remained calm and started dealing with the situation, I couldn’t help but think – how did this happen?

Both Ashley and I were a little wary of this particular girl from the start but I always tend to think that people are overly friendly because they are travelers, not because they are going to steal from you. I never, in a million years, would have predicted this would happen. Who could possibly be-friend you and then, in the middle of the night, while you are SLEEPING in the SAME room, cut open your suitcase and steal your purse. Pure Craziness. Seriously.

The rest of our day in Athens was not fun to say the least. After we talked to the hotel owners who gladly (and surprisingly) passed over the girls names and passport details, we headed to the Canadian Embassy. When you lose all of your ID in a foreign country it takes a long time to get new ID (and it is, as we found out, expensive – the last thing you want to be spending money on when you have lost hundreds of dollars!). We spend a good portion of our day there (at least five hours) filling out paperwork, dealing with different people at the Embassy, etc. After we sorted out how to get a temporary passport, we headed to the Police Station where we got a police report.  The rest of the day was spent walking around in a haze, accomplishing what we could, getting money sorted and booking a ferry for our journey to the Greek Islands the following day.

I, myself, was victim of a robbery last Summer while I was traveling Europe. Though I was not nearly as careful as Ashley (my stuff was stolen off my bed when I had carelessly left it there), my stuff was still taken and it was a horrible shock. At the time, I was alone, in a strange country, surrounded by another language. It was awful. I survived it but it’s not a feeling I would wish on anyone. The feeling of being invaded in that way is so utterly awful and, even though, in this situation, my possessions were not taken, I still felt so upset, so angry. We were having such an amazing time and that one persons actions changed our perspectives and moods.

What shocks me the most out of this whole situation (and even what happened to me last Summer), is that someone could actually do this. Honestly, who does this sort of thing?! I just can’t comprehend it. It is something I would never do or even think of doing and I just can’t help but wonder why. What kind of people do we walk this earth with? How could someone do something like this? It is just so shocking.

It has only been four days, but that day already feels like a blurr.  Ashley and I are now enjoying ourselves on the Greek Island, soaking up some sun (though there is way less sun than we expected!) and trying to get back to the fun we were having before this whole mess happened. We are both determined to move on and enjoy our last 10 days to the fullest!

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2 Responses to Trip Interrupted

  1. Ashlee says:

    Hi Allie
    So sorry to hear about what happened, that really is awful.
    In the last hostel I was staying at in Rome the staff and the rest of the fellow travellers were talking about the awful karma that comes one traveller stealing from another traveller. I think not stealing from other travellers is the one golden rule of traveller, but alas it happens 😦
    Hope you have a blast in the Greek Islands and beyond!

  2. Ashlee says:

    I found their exact quote
    “Travel karma is a bitch and more importantly, there is a truly horrible place in hell for any traveler that steals from another”.
    Just remember 😉

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