A Quiet Island: Ios

After the whole debacle of Athens, Ashley and I took the 8 hour ferry journey to Ios. We were so excited to find some sun, some beach and some relaxation. Ios, it turns out, did not quite provide that for us. When we arrived the town was dead – literally, there were no shops open, no restaurants, no grocery stores – nothing! We were worried. The next morning we woke up and tried to rent a car but failed because the only place open didn’t have any cars left. Our moods drastically improved when we stumbled upon the real town of Ios that evening (24 hours after arriving on the island…our hotel was no help at all!). We came upon a restaurant, Lord Byrons, and our lucked turned around just as fast as it had stopped. The restaurant is one of the best places I have ever been – hands down! The food was amazing. The couple that own the restaurant are Greek (him) + American (her) and our new friends Billy + Molly helped us sort out the rest of our time on the Greek Islands. They advised us to get out of Ios because it is such a tiny island (population during the off season: 1,500. population during the high season: 30,000!) and head to some of the larger islands. They also told us all of the cool spots to see on Ios (for our last remaining day). It’s hard to describe how amazing they were. Neither of us has experienced such hospitality in our lives!

SO after our luck changed, the following day we rented a car and explored the island and had so much fun!

The island is very beautiful and the ocean was oh so blue!

Having fun visiting the beaches:

Our fab little rental car 🙂

Animals along the road…

The Amphitheater in town (how pretty would this be to see a show during the summer?!):

Up in the hills of the town:

Drinks by the beach:

Our favorite restaurant had such a unique wordly decor style (love it!):

Amazing food!

Our time in Ios was certainly different than we expected but in the end, we had so much fun! We are now enjoying ourselves in Syros. More to come soon!

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