24, Tomorrow

So tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 24. Yup, that’s right. TWENTY-FOUR. And you know what? That scares me A LOT. I sort of feel like I am having a mid-life crises even though I hope I am not even close to middle age. 24 seems old to me. I know it isn’t but it feels big to me. It means that I can no longer pretend that I am in my early twenties. I am officially in my mid-twenties and that is crazy. I don’t feel 24, I feel 21. I feel like my life is just about to start but really I have been living it for quite some time. I know there are a million great things about being in my mid-twenties but right now, on the eve of my 24th birthday, I feel terrified of the prospect of being 24. But, I have survived a lot so bring it on! 24 here I come 🙂

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