A New Favorite: Santorini

I find that with some cities, you fall in love with them so much, that you hardly take any pictures. You are too busy enjoying the moments you have there that you don’t even think to stop and take pictures. I found that with Santorini. Of all the places Ashley and I visited, we took the least amount of pictures in Santorini. Don’t get me wrong, we did a lot but I in our four days there I rarely felt the need to take out the camera because were simply soaking it up.

After taking our last Greek ferry ride, we got picked up and brought to the loveliest little hotel (our room was brand spanking new!). That afternoon we wandered the town and relaxed before going to dinner where we experience the most amazing hospitality (what is it with Greece? The hospitality here is unlike any country I have ever visited!).

The next day we slept in late and then went out on a boat tour for the afternoon. The sun was shinning, we were in bathing suites (yippee for warm weather!) and it was pure bliss. We hiked up to a volcano which had impressive views of Santorini and the surrounding sea.

On our second full day in Santorini Ashley and I rented ATVs which were a little scary at first but SO incredibly fun! We went all over the island, seeing the red sand beach and the black sand beach.

On our final night in Santorini we went back to the first restaurant we ate at and had the most amazing meal! The staff loved us (we aren’t even sure why!) but they brought us out free wine (after we had already drunken quite a bit!) and free dessert as well as free lemon chello shots!). At the end of our lengthy meal we went to leave but they insisted we go back to the kitchen to meet the owner and the chef of the restaurant! Never has that happened to either of us but it was pretty neat 🙂

I was definitely so sad to leave Santorini. I want to go back and spend ages there! It is such a beautiful island.

Our last stop on our adventures was London so pictures of that coming tomorrow!

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