The Letters of Today

I greatly enjoy writing old fashioned letters. There is something so lovely about posting a letter in the mail knowing that (most) people are so excited to receive it on the other end. While in Ireland I have been writing letters with my friend Erica and I am so happy every time I read a letter (even though it takes almost two weeks for them to arrive!). For me, something about words can take you back to a moment in time so easily which is why I save almost all of my emails…the 21st Century letter. When I left my last job (at home), I pdf’d all of my personal emails and I so enjoy having them. I don’t look at them often but they are there when I feel a need to read them.

Before I left home, last Spring, I printed off and bound all of the emails my auntie and I wrote to one another. We both worked for Fraser Health and sent hundreds of emails to each other over a three year period. It is magical to me how I can read an email and hear her voice, see her sense of humor, remember the wisdom and guidance she gave me. I will forever treasure those (and all of my other emails) because in a blink of a second they can take me back.

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