April in Pictures

I adore my SLR camera, it is the best investment I could have made before I came to Europe but sometimes it is just too bulky to carry around. I have been feeling like I have not been capturing enough pictures of my everday so I decided to start taking more pictures with my trusty ipod touch that I take with me everywhere. During April, I took over 80 snapshots! I have decided to compile them and put them up on my blog at the end of every month to showcase all the little parts that make up my life. This month started in Greece, took me to London and ended in Dublin. Oh, and the end of my trip with Ashley and my birthday were thrown in there too. April was a good month!

From top left:
*Ashley, drinking Myknos beer (so good!) in Syros.
*Neat wood menus at a restaurant in Syros.
*Coffee drinks + uno cards filled our long day in Syros before boarding a nighttime ferry.
*A snapshot of a map of Naxos. I started taking pictures of maps, phone numbers, directions, etc. and they proved to be very helpful as Ashley + I made our way through Europe.
*A kitty, at the port in Santorini, that kept following us.
*Amazing waffles in Santorini.
*Pretty fresh-squeeze orange juice – love the slice of orange and the straw through it!
*Poor donkeys (in Santorini) that are forced to laul people + luggage up 500 stairs. I felt bad for them + it wasn’t even as hot as it is during the Summer months.
*Yummy soup in London on my birthday.
*I bought “wholegrain” yogurt without really realizing there were grains in it. Made for an interesting texture!
*Home-made pumpkin muffins.
*Spices for taziki dip, from Greece.
*Cats (what is with all of these cat pictures?) that are constantly in our backyard.
*My beautiful necklace given to me by my friend Heather for my birthday.
*Lovely birthday cards (another cat!) from my housemates.
*A burned cd (oh how I love mixed tapes) that I made for Heather for her birthday (and sent her ubber late, bad me).
*Laying on the grass of St. Stephen’s Green, looking at the gorgeous sky made for an awesome Saturday afternoon.
*Yummy French toast for breakfast on Easter Sunday.
*Flowers for my friend Jillian for her engagement party.
*The last chapter of Harry Potter; I re-read the series while traveling and just finished the last book (I am currently on Harry withdrawl).
*A book I picked up for a euro, one of my favorite authors ever.
*A book I loved! (Another euro find!).
*Letters to my friend Erica + my grandma.

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