Inspiration: Then and Now

As I mentioned last month, turning 24 was scary for me because it seemed so old, so grown-up. But then something happened…I stumbled upon an article about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Growing up I LOVED the Olsen twins. I adored Full House, I watched and re-watched all of their movies. I aspired to be them. They were my childhood idols. As I grew up, I respected that they had (for the most part) grown-up without scandal and that they seemed to have actual values and stuck to those values. As they entered their early adulthood, they took the fashion world by storm and as the article discusses, they became big players in the 21st Century Fashion World. I love that they grew up in the spotlight but morphed into businesswomen. Little kids that I admired when I was young, turned into adults I could respect and still admire.

What I loved most about the article was that it made me think of all my Mary-Kate and Ashley memories and that even though they have long since grown-up, they will always be like this in my mind:

And to top it, the article put my whole age thing into perspective:

“The thing about us,” Mary-Kate says, “is we think big. Huge.” After all, in 2021, they’ll still be only 34.

THAT’S RIGHT…in 10 years, I will only be 34 which doesn’t seem old at all! Phew.

Thanks for saving the day Vogue + MK+A!

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2 Responses to Inspiration: Then and Now

  1. Heather says:

    ha I am glad you don’t think 24 is old anymore! Since it is quite young silly 😉

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