A Yearly Date

Yesterday, May 17th, was special for lots of reasons. It marked the ten month anniversary of me being away. It was my friend Jen’s birthday (happy birthday jen!). And, it was my annual movie date with my best friend, Heather.

An annual movie date, you ask? Yup, that’s right.

It started back in 2008. We went and saw “What Happens in Vegas”. Then, in 2009, we saw “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” and it just so happened that a few days later Heather was cleaning out her purse and she found a movie stub from the year before…on the exact same day we had seen a movie a few days previously. A tradition was started!

Last year, our movie date failed. I was in Maui and was unable to see a movie so we improvised and saw “Letters to Juliet” right when I got back.

This year, I am in Dublin and Heather is in Vancouver. No movies we wanted to see were showing in both cities (so typical!) so we decided to embrace our movie date, keep it but both see different movies.

I went and saw “Water for Elephants” a movie wasn’t sure I would like (based on the preview) but I ended up really enjoying it! The story was lovely and Reese Witherspoon’s dresses were so pretty (the film is set in the 1930’s).  Heather saw “Bridesmaides” which I am so jealous of (dying it to see it!). And thus, the fourth year of our movie date survived!


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2 Responses to A Yearly Date

  1. Jen says:

    Yay, May 17th! I think you, Heather and I (oh yeah and I dragged Brent because I won tickets) are the only people that saw Letters to Juliet!

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