Last Weekend in Dublin

This past weekend was my last weekend in Dublin! It really hit me on Friday when I realized it was my last Friday in Dublin. I know I say it all the time but time really has flown by so fast! Especially these past few weeks.

I wanted to take full advantage of my last weekend so I had lots of fun planned. Saturday, I met my friend Naomi in town and we walked around, taking in Merrion Square. A place that had constantly been popping up in the Irish literature I have been reading. It turns out, it was just a little park in the middle of town but at least I saw it 🙂

That afternoon we headed a bit South to where Naomi lives and boy oh boy, did it make me wish that I had considered moving! I love my housemates but it would been so nice to live by the water.  The day was quite rainy but the sun did eventually shine and a pretty rainbow came out.

On Sunday, I headed out to Dun Laoghaire for the Red Bull Full Tag Event (teams create home-made plane contraptions that are mad-driven and they run off a platform and try to fly over the water). It was crazy busy (thousands and thousands of people) and the weather was so iffy (glorious sun to rain in seconds) but it was really fun to see the event and spend the afternoon outside of Dublin.

I am SO glad I got to see more of Dublin this weekend! Can’t believe I leave here on Friday. Craziness!

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