Farewell, Oprah

The Oprah Show ended yesterday and I feel like a part of my childhood has ended. The Oprah Show has been around my entire life and I have so many memories of watching Oprah when I was a child. As a teenager, I would run home after school to see who was on Oprah that day as the show aired at 4pm. I learned so much from Oprah (seriously!) about being a good person, about standing up for yourself, about following your dreams. Oprah inspired me so much!

Though I have not watched any of her finale episodes this week (Dublin is weeks behind airing the show), I will be catching up when I get home 🙂

A few of the most memorable moments (in my mind, anyways) include:

Erin Kramp, a mother dying of cancer, determined to leave advice for her daughter.
Keith Urban
, on Nicole Kidman and having an open heart.
Oprah’s Christmas Kindness in Africa.

There are a ton of other Oprah moments I love but there are a few that are my favorite.

Farewell, Oprah. I will miss your wisdom, lessons and the heartwarming stories that have been apart of my life!

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