May in Pictures

Last month I decided to start trying to capture my everyday and I had lots of fun using my Ipod to do it! This month I took even more pictures 🙂 May started in Dublin and saw the end of my time there and then took me to Spain and the start of my travels. Heather and I are having a great time in here and I can’t wait to start sharing my photos! Until then this will do….

From top left:
*I made yummy avocado to see if I was “over” my allergy (I have been allergic since around 2006 when I first started liking avocado). I am not over it. BOO
*My room, at the start of the month when I started trying to sort through my clothing.
*Little Juliette’s birthday present, ready for the mail, over six weeks late. Bad Auntie Allie!
*My birthday present arriving from Morgan, Russ + Juliette.
*The pretty pattern of the scarf from the Jeffrey’s.
* I ❤ Maeve Binchy a lot! Love those two books.
*Cathy Kelly, an Irish author I have come to adore in the last month.
* Strongbow, my favorite alcoholic beverage.
*My first attempt at packing, not so good!
*My new dress that I love love love!
*Kristy’s jacket, covered in little green bugs (eww).
*Naomi decided there was too much ice cream so she took some out of the cup! Hehe
*At College Green, listening to President Obama’s speech.
*The whole city was changed over for the week! Paddy Power became O’Bama Power!
*There were even deals in Supermacs!
*As I packed and sorted out my room I found lots of treasures including, this list of sayings that Ashley + I had on our trip.
*I had two plus euro in little change.
*A “to do” list I found in my room, from March.
*Three of the five giveaway bags filled with stuff I shipped off to charity.
*My new MAC lipstick that I got for free because I recycled my old products! Love MAC.
*The last housemates dinner I cooked, a yummy chicken casserole.
*Farewell runners, you have been good to me!
*The beautiful celtic necklace my friend Jillian gave me when I left Dublin.
*The red curtain (love it!) at the opening night of “Hangover 2” that I saw with Kristy + Naomi on my last night in Ireland.
*Magazines + books, all ready for the beach!
*My horoscope on my last day in Dublin, love the beginning of it! “A new chapter to your life is beginning and your friends and close ones may even being to comment on the more youthful appearance that adorns you. You’ve moved on finally and it shows.”
*The Metro Herald on my last day in Dublin.
*I saw the pool in Spain and I was relaxed right away 🙂
*The beaches are so pretty!
*Morocco here we come 🙂

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