My Life Lately

It’s Sunday night and I am hanging out in my ubber warm hostel room, relaxing after a day of touring around Sevilla (the 35+ degree weather is killing me, my oh my, it is so hot out!). I have been in Spain just over a week and I have been having SO much fun! Heather went home on Friday and I traveled to Sevilla on Saturday where I am hanging out until I meet my brother in Lisbon mid this week. I am WAY behind on blogging but I promise, lots of Spain pictures coming this week!

But first…other news ☺

1. I booked my flight home! WAHOO I leave Dublin on July 20th and arrive home that day. Super excited to see everyone ☺ I have already started making plans!

2. PDP News!

After a lot of soul searching earlier this year, I decided I wanted to become a teacher. I blogged about that decision here, about all the reasons I wanted to become a teacher and how I felt confident that taking the long way was right for me.

Well, it seems that fate is dealing me a good hand and the pieces are falling into place better than I imagined.

Once I made my decision I started putting in hours and hours into my application for teaching school at Simon Fraser University (my alma matter). I was applying for January 2012 as the deadline for September 2011 had already passed. Once I applied I learned that there were still spaces open in the International Module for the September 2011 Program. The International Module differs as the majority of the first semester is spent abroad (in this case, Mexico). Without a second thought, I applied. Why not? The only real extra requirement was international experience and hello? I have quite a bit since I am living abroad!

Long story short, I submitted my letter on May 24th and on June 2nd I was accepted into the program!!!!!! Oh my gosh. I am so excited!! That means that I come home on July 20th and start school at the start of September and then spend most of the Fall in Mexico! Craziness. This time next year I will be a TEACHER! Can you tell I am just a bit excited?

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Karen, Diane and Shelley who wrote glowing reference letters to me and to Erica, Heather, Brittany, Michael and Jen who were so patient and helpful editing my application package. I could not have done it without all of you! I am eternally grateful.

I guess this means that my suitcase will not be retiring after July afterall…

Posts on my travels start tomorrow!

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