Costa Del Sol – Part I

On May 27th I boarded an early flight from Dublin to Malaga and met my bestie, Heather, there. My parents gave me a week of their timeshare for Christmas so Heather and I got to hang out for a week in luxury, it was a far cry from the hostels I have been staying in! The resort was in the Costa Del Sol area of Spain (right at the very south) and it was really pretty! There wasn’t much going on in the town but the resort was fab with two books and the beaches were so pretty and the ocean felt so nice! I actually have a noticeable tan after a week there – a huge feat for me!

Heather and I spent a lot of time hanging out near the resort. As soon as I got there all of my ideas about blogging, taking pictures and keeping up with regular life disappeared – I was on vacation!

A few days into our trip, we took a day trip to another little town. It was fun to get out of the more beachy area. The downside was the tour bus left without us when it was supposed to go to the caves (that we were excited to see!) but the bright side is we went shopping and Heather found a 10 Euro bathing suit! (There is a silver lining in everything!).

More Spain pictures coming tomorrow!

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