A Day in Africa

While in Spain, Heather and I got to travel to Tanger, Morocco for a day. The coast of Africa is only 14km off the coast of Spain (so close!) so we couldn’t help but want to visit. The day was quite eventful as our bus got into a car accident (all of us were fine…the jaws of life had to be used on the car that hit us!) but after that the day was great!

Neither Heather or I have been to Africa before (though I can’t wait to spend time there) so we both stepped foot on our third continent which was pretty exciting. Also, neither of us have been to a Muslim country before so it was (at least for me) quite shocking. Tanger is very touristy so there are people everywhere hassling you and trying to get you to buy things. There are noticeably less women then men out on the streets and when the women are out, they were covered head to toe. The town was modern in some aspects but also quite un-modernized in others (buildings falling apart, etc.). Here are a few of my pictures from the day 🙂

Behind me is the Spanish coast:

Lunch was yummy 🙂

Camels 🙂 (which I kept calling donkeys by mistake haha)

Carpets everywhere! (I am now kicking myself for not having bought one since they were very inexpensive).

I feel very lucky to have experienced such a different culture (even if it was only for a day…it was a good start!). It was even more different than I expected but it only reinforced my desire to travel more of the world.

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