I Adore Lisbon

After spending a few days in Sevilla I took the dreaded (by me) bus ride to Lisbon. The ride was 8 hours and though it wasn’t horrible it was really long! I arrived in Lisbon and soon found that the hostel I was staying at was the best hostel ever. Seriously. I have stayed in so many hostels over the past year and this one beat every single one hands down. Loved it to pieces! (I sort of wanted to move in there! haha). Anywho, the day after I arrived in Lisbon, my brother arrived! YAH! I was so excited to see him. The day he arrived we walked around the city, he had a nap and then we hung out at the hostel that night. We attempted to stay awake for the Canucks game but, sadly, we both fell asleep during the first period 😦 (The game doesn’t start here until 1AM our time). We spent our only full day in Lisbon touring around and, I have to say, I absolutely adore Lisbon and would go back there in a heartbeat. I wish I had more time there! Definitely somewhere I want to revist in the near future.

The Rua Augusta Arch:

I loved all of the old buildings!

Statue of King Jose I in the Praca do Comercio (love traveling with my brother so I can actually get pictures of myself in the cities I am traveling):

A Castle (that I cannot remember the name of…opps!):

The Padrao dos Descobrimentos, a monument dedicated to the Portuguese Age of Discovery:

The Monastery:

We went to an awesome restaurant where you cooked your own stakes on hot rocks…so yummy (and what a cool concept!):

The Starbucks got my name right (without me telling them the spelling):

Lisbon is famous for it’s custard tarts and they were SO good! Best tarts ever.

Lisbon was pretty at night…

Lisbon was fantastic! I will be back there for sure 🙂

Big thanks to my friends Angela and Laura (and Laura’s cousins!) who helped me plan the Portugal leg of my trip! They helped so much, I would have been lost without them! Thanks girlies 🙂

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One Response to I Adore Lisbon

  1. Morgan says:

    OK … I am jealous now … I love the Age of Discovery monument and the TARTS!

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