June in Pictures

I have been away from the internet pretty much for the last week and a half and it has been a bit painful. I am not going to lie, I like feeling connected to the world and though it is good to disconnect, it has been a little long for my taste! But, I am back 🙂 I have so so so much to blog right now! One zillion pictures from Normandy and Paris and the start of our cruise but the internet on the cruise ship is b-a-d but I suppose it is a small price to pay for the blissful life I am currently leading enjoying long days in the sun, visiting towns in the Mediterranean with my family. Anywho, June is over (and was a few days ago)! Craziness. Here are so pictures from my everyday life, a month filled with travel, visits from friends and reuniting with my family after not having seen them since January. Here is June, through my iPod 🙂

*A Westlife Tribute Band plays at the Sunset Beach Club in Malaga and makes me think of Ireland!
*A book I was reading had a teacher named “Miss Pamler” in it and as I was reading I was sitting next to a real life “Ms Plamer” aka Heather.
*The beach in Malaga was so pretty!
*A sign at the resort: “If You Ain’t The Hoff, You Can’t Pull It Off. Please Wear A T-shirt When In The Building.”
*Sangria and a book = perfection in Sevilla.
*An awesome pasta, spinach, mushroom and lemon salad. So yummy!
*My toes may be a pretty pink but my poor pink flip flops broke 😦
*The horses in Sevilla added a lovely touch to the city but the horse smell was e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!
*A surprise find! A mug to add to my collection 🙂
*On the long bus ride from Sevilla to Lisbon; at least the view was nice!
*John Krasinski (love him!) kept me company on the bus ride to Lisbon.
*As did Taylor Swift J Soaking up my InStyle magazine.
*The post office in Lisbon was in…a trailer? Yup, a trailer!
*Pretty décor in Lisbon.
*A recipe I found for Sangria…
*That my brother and I made when we were in Lagos (so yummy!).
*My brother needed a sweater whilst we were in Portugal. A sweater, really?!
*One of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in e-v-e-r.
*In Lagos, we found a fab breakfast joint.
*A milkshake cures almost everything 🙂
*One of our numerous yummy (and cheap!) hostel cooked meals.
*My brother’s backpack made me laugh…with its various things (flip flops, towel, food, etc.) hanging on the outside of it.
*Spices made hostel meals so much better.
*I saved me Royal Wedding magazine for the beach in Portugal…by the time I read it, it no longer had a covered and was quite crinkled!
*Another great hostel meal, pasta!
*My new favorite way to kill time on buses, planes and trains.
*It stayed light (really light!) outside in Normandy until 11pm.
*Life on a cruise ship is just a wee bit different than life traveling and staying in hostels! Such bliss.
*Ipod + a day at the peach in Croatia = perfection.
*Back in Greece and enjoying Mythos beer just like I did when I was in Greece with Ashley in April.

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