An Experience to Remember: A Visit to Normandy Part I

When my brother starting planning his trip to Europe, I asked him: where do you want to go? Now, had that question been asked to me, I could have named a million places I had the desire to see. My brother only had one: he wanted to see the World War II Battlefields in Normandy. Having been very moved by my visit to Belgium last year, I jumped on board the plan to visit Normandy. We traveled from Portugal, through Paris, up the very north of France and stayed in the charming town of Bayeux. We had two very full days visiting three of the five D-Day beaches. We spent our first full day doing a guided tour of the American beaches: Omaha and Utah and we learned so much about the Normandy invasion. It blows my mind to think of what happened during D-Day.

Omaha Beach was our first stop. It is also known as the Bloody Beach as the most losses were suffered here.

After the invasion was complete, the Allied forces started to build a port that was then used to ship over supplies to the front lines. This is part of what was built:

We then stopped at the American Cemetery, some 5,000+ soldiers are buried here.

Next, we traveled to Point du Hoc, where special rangers had to climb the 100ft walls to attack the Germans. There are still tons of craters on the property all of which were dropped hours prior to the rangers’ invasion. The craters are HUGE and we were told that they are 1/3 smaller than they originally were!

Our last stop of the day was on Utah Beach, deemed by some as the “perfect” beach as the plan was mostly followed and the beach was taken quite quickly.

Pictures from the rest of our Normandy trip tomorrow…

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