My Favorite, The Greek Islands

Greece is one of my favorite places on earth. Though my experience traveling there with Ashley in April started out rocky, we had a fantastic time and I am glad to say that I had a great time this time around too. We stopped in Corfu (so gorgeous), Argostoli (I was sick with a cold and didn’t get off the boat that day :() and Santorini (my favorite).

Pretty Corfu:

Santorini, one day was not enough (nor was three when I was there in April!), I need much more time to visit Santorini! Can’t wait to go back 🙂

Yummy greek salad for lunch 🙂

Pictures from Italy tomorrow!

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3 Responses to My Favorite, The Greek Islands

  1. Erica says:

    The whole fam looks colour coordinated with the houses in Santorini 🙂
    hmmm…. was that planned for great photos? lol

  2. Great pictures. Santorini is nice but is not my favourite because it gets too busy.

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