Crusin’ Fun

As I mentioned before, the cruise was A LOT of fun! It was such a luxury vacation, being waited on, having things taken care of for you, eating fancy meals every night. It is also great because there are so many things to do, close-by, including a movie theater, a night club, a casino, two pools, etc. Here are a few of my favorite crusin’ pictures 🙂

[with our awesome new friends!]

[yup, I took a picture of myself in the bathroom! hehe]

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2 Responses to Crusin’ Fun

  1. Katrina Clark says:

    Thank goodness your Mom and Dad found each other so long ago…what a wonderful
    family they have made together. You are all such fantastic people and we are honoured to
    know you.

    Congratulations on making such wonderful memories for yourself abroad…I am in awe
    of how you went out on your own and travelled to so many places. Wow. I have so enjoyed
    reading your blog and seeing all of the wonderful photographs.

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