Visiting Paris the Un-Touristy Way

It is funny to me that I have been back to Paris so many times even though it is one of my least favorite spots in Europe. It is convenient, I suppose. To travel in and out of. When I found out my family was planning on spending almost a week in Paris I was excited for them (to see it) but also excited for me, to see if I could learn to love Paris. I really didn’t want to re-do all of the touristy things I did last Summer (and before that too) so I spent my time going slower, wandering different streets, visiting different stores, trying to be a bit more French and a little bit less touristy. It worked, a bit. I still don’t love Paris but there are things about Paris I do enjoy. Here are a few snapshots from the week!

We had a picnic at the base of the Eiffel Tower:

We visited the Notre Dame (which I was excited for as I had not visited it since I was 16).

And, I lit a candle for my auntie…

All of us girls got Birkenstocks while we were in Barcelona (comfort above fashion :)).

I am back in Dublin now for one last day of hanging out in the city I have lived in the last year 🙂 Tomorrow, I head home!


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