Home Sweet Home

I am HOME! And, so excited to be 🙂

Yesterday, I made the l-o-n-g journey home. I left Dublin at 11:15am flew to Philadelphia, hung out in the airport for two hours, then flew to Chicago, where I hung in the airport for another few hours, and then FINALLY flew home (20 hours total travel time)!

Yesterday, I was especially thankful for…

– Free wi-fi in the Philly airport.
– Smooth fights + aisle seats.
– The Soul Surfer playing on my flight from Dublin to Philly. I have been wanting to see that move for ages and it did not disappoint! It was so inspirational, I was teary-eyed for almost the entire movie. I want to watch it again!
– My jet-legged parents who came and picked me up and waited as I had to deal with lost luggage.
– I am not thankful for the airline losing one of my pieces of luggage but I am thankful that it was found and they are returning it to me today 🙂
– The smell of FRESH air in Vancouver. There is nothing like stepping off the plane and feeling the cool Vancouver air. That sensation is home to me.
– For my own bed! Oh, it is beyond exciting to have a queen size bed again. So nice!

Today, I am attempting to be jet-leg-less (is that a word? it is now!) as I have a busy day. Including, going to a dress rehearsal of a wedding I am planning this Saturday and going to see Richard III at Bard on the Beach with friends. Nobody said I would come back quite now did they?

Anywho, in case it isn’t clear I AM SO HAPPY TO BE HOME! And, so excited for the coming weeks of catching up with friends 🙂

Pictures from my first days at home coming tomorrow!

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