“You’ve Evolved!”

I have written a lot about how I wanted to make changes to my life when I first embarked on my European adventure and how I was so happy that I had actually made some changes.

I used to be a bit  (aka really) high maintenance. I liked things going my way. I wasn’t very flexible. I didn’t like to change plans. I liked things organized.

And you know what? That wasn’t working very well in my life. I was stressed out! And, when things didn’t go “my way” that made me even more stressed out. And, that, is just not fun.

So, when I left for Europe, I wanted to work on de-stressing, on taking things as they come, on being happy with whatever happened on any given day.

After months in Europe, traveling and living alone, I began to change. And I was so ecstatic with those changes!  My friend, Ashley, was the first person to really notice it when she came to visit me in the Spring and when she told me she noticed a difference, it was the best feeling in the world.

Coming home, I was worried that some of those changes I made would not stick. Afterall, I was coming back to a life that I felt stressed in all the time. Would I be able to keep my changes, the new and improved me? I don’t think it is safe to say YES quite yet (afterall, I have only been home a few weeks) but I do think it is safe to say PROBABLY.

Spending time with my friend Erica the other day, we were talking and talking and she all of the sudden said, “You know, I have really noticed that you have changed. You are so much more calm and easygoing.” In the few short weeks I have been home she has noticed that I am calmer, less stressed out, more willing to just go with the flow. And, that is FANTASTIC! The best part of the conversation was went she stated: “You’ve evolved!” Haha. Love it!

Here’s to staying evolved and not slipping back into my bad habits!

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