Some Loveliness for Friday

I love photographs. To me, they are something that keeps a memory alive. They spark a reaction. They take you back to that moment. As I adore photographs, I also enjoy taking pictures! Despite purchasing my Nikon 3500 last year and traveling with it throughout Europe, I am still not very confident at taking pictures. I really want to improve because I love the idea of taking photos and capturing special moments for those I love.

One of my very best friends, Morgan, is expecting her second baby any day now so I suggested we take some pictures of her, her husband, her little daugher and, of course, the baby bump! I still have a long-way to go before I am actually good at this but for a first try at some portraits, I think I did okay! (Well, you can be the judge!).

Oh! And, I accomplished one of my 101 goals!
69. Partake in a photoshoot, with me being the photographer. YAY!

Here are a few favorites (quite a few…it was hard for me to narrow my favorites down!).  ENJOY!

Juliette loved looking through the boards to see the water (so cute!).

Love these next two!

Happy Friday!

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