Holy Moly, Some Changes Are Coming My Way

I have been seeing a natropath in order to help me transition into a healthier lifestyle + loose weight. So far, I have been doing things like taking my temperature, recording my poo (eww I know, TMI!) and the sort. Now, I am starting a few new things: doing a cleanse (to open up my cells and hopefully help kick start my motabolism) and I changing out my foods to help balance my hormones.

Mainstream medicine has never been able to solve or help me, really, with my weight. I don’t have anything “wrong” with me that they can tell of, for some reason my body wants to retain and not loose weight.

So, we are going to start changing things up! Or, my natropath is going to tell me what to do and I am going to do it (might be a better way to put it!). I am attempting to shift my eating to follow the Blood Type Diet (I am Blood Type A) and balance it with a Low GI Diet. Now, at first glance, I thought, easy peasy! At second glance, I freaked out a little! This is going to require me to become gluten-free (or mostly free), limit my dairy, eat little to no red meat (I don’t have a problem with that one) and cut out some foods I adore. The most shocking to me? That eggplant, peppers and tomatoes are not on the list of foods I can eat. WHAT NOW?! I eat those everyday and they probably make up 75% of my veggetable intake. Oh my!

It’s safe to say that the next few weeks are going to be interesting as I begin to navigagate my way through the world of gluten free cooking (amongst other dietary restrictions!).

If anyone has any tips on eating gluten free, I would really appreciate if you shared 🙂 A comment or an email {allie.macrae@shaw.ca} would make my day!

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