Time For The Reno To Begin…

So last night I had this perfect plan. I had a “free” night and I was super excited about it. I was going to go home, exercise, make some veggie burgers from scratch and then work on completing the long list of “to do’s” I have. But guess what? That didn’t happen. Why? Because it took me THREE hours to get home! What the heck. I am still raging in anger right now. Multiple buses passed that were full and do to the fact that I am working far(ish) away from my house there are not many options for other buses. What kills me though is that I did that exact same commute for 1.5 years driving and it only takes 30 minutes by car! Argh. Suffice to say, none of the things I wanted to accomplish got done. Not a one. I went home, ready to cry and pretty much lazed out and went to bed. Not the night I had wanted! The one thing that kept me going was that today, today is Friday! Yay.

Tonight I am going to go home (on a different transit route) and do all of the things I wanted to do last night. And…I am going to start a series of DIY projects that will transform my bedroom from childhood to adulthood. Let the fun begin!

Have a great weekend!

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