Yay For Shopping + Sweet Deals

In just one short week I will be starting school again and I am in desperate need of clothing (desperate I tell you!). I literally own one pair of long pants right now, no jeans, and only a handful of shirts I actually like. Why? I got rid of a lot of clothing before I left Dublin (nothing amazing was given away, mostly old, worn out travel clothes) and I also got rid of a lot (maybe too much) before I went traveling over a year ago. This meant that I needed to go shopping!

My friend Erica and I hit up Superstore (similar to Target but not nearly as good!) on Sunday and my oh my, did we find good deals! I did not want to spend more than $200 (remember…I have no money!) but wanted to get some good basics that will get me ready for Fall. 

Here is what I got:
– 3 cardigans
– 3 belts
-1 pair of leggings
-1 skirt
– 1 pair of shoes
– 5 t-shirts
– 3 tank tops

I spent a whopping $150! I feel like I got the best deal ever considering how many pieces I was able to pick up. Now, I just need to get a pair of jeans and I will be able to survive the first few weeks of school 🙂

Erica has insanely awesome fashion sense so I was so grateful she was able to tag along and help me put together outfits (something I am not good at). I am already rocking a new outfit today and am loving it 🙂

Yay for shopping, great deals and friends who are fashionistas (and willing to help me!)!

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