Baking With My Bestest

My best friend is home! Heather got home last week after spending the Summer living in Toronto with her boyfriend. And boy oh boy, am I glad she is back. Arriving home after living away for a year and not having her home just didn’t feel right. But she and I are living in the same city again so all is good!

This past weekend I put Heather to work while we hung out, listened to Taylor Swift, and caught up on each other’s lives (though we pretty much knew everything because we Skyped all the time hehe).

{Heather hard at work}

I have been yearning to bake a Gluten Free treat that would replace my beloved Nutella Pear Muffins so I decided to give Forgiving Martha’s Coconut Bars a try (for those of you who are Gluten Free, Forgiving Martha has a great list of recipes on her site).  The main ingredient to the bars is chickpeas which provides a good texture and a protein filled snack.  As well, the bars contain peanut butter and coconut, two of my favorites things! The only problem I faced with this recipe was getting the chick peas to blend properly. We ended up using a lot more milk then required which made the bars quite soft but they are delicious (and Gluten Free yay!) so I will definitely make them again.

While making the Coconut Bars we also whipped up a batch of Chocolate Nutella Cookies. Now these are not Gluten Free so they are not for me! But I love baking so I decided to bake some and bring them into work. I tried one (to make sure they were edible – duh! hehe) and they were good but not my favorite. I like cookies to be soft, chunky and chewy. These were definitely chocolate filled but they just didn’t have a wow factor to me. I think I will try them again but maybe add in some nuts or chocolate chips. Though maybe I am too picky. People at work loved them! (Note to self: bring baking in on the first day of a new job, people really like you then! hehe).

Baking + Best Friends = Best Evening 🙂

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