Summer Through My iPhone

How is August already over? Honestly. How is that possible? Summer has flown by My Summer began in Europe and ended at home.  Europe + Catching up with all my friends at home = best Summer!

I am very much looking forward to Fall! Why? Because Fall, its cool breezes, light rain and changing colors, is my favorite season. I love everything about Fall.

To cap off August, here are my some highlights of my Summer taken on my iPod iPhone.

*Mythos beer {my favorite} in Greece.
*Notre Dame, one of the many pretty sights in Paris.
*The Eiffel Tower, taken whist on a Seine River Cruise.
*Old builds in Paris {and Europe} are the best. I adore all the architecture.
*Me doing my sister’s hair. Oh how I wish I could rock a bandana like that!
*My hair, done by my sister 🙂
*The Latin Quarter in Paris.
*Throwing coins off a bridge just because we can.
*Home. A coffee break at Starbucks.
*Ashley, being silly.
*Darling Ramira, so cute. I love her so much and missed her!
*Home-made bread is the b-e-s-t!
*I could read and re-read this book so many times and I could never be sick of it. An absolute favorite.
*Erica, at Costco. My first time there in over a year. Oh how I love Costco!
*More Costco, just because.
*Juliette, too cute for words.
*My bookshelf, organized! Yay.
*Curls, my new favorite way to do my hair.
*Home-made banana ice cream. The best!
*Finally got to watch the last Oprah show. Oh boy did I cry.
*Old concert t-shirts I found while cleaning my room.
*Books I could not, for the life of me, get into while working.
*1st attempt at a fish-tail braid. Not so bad!
*Sorbet, in a fruit shell. Love it!
*Bears on my street!
*Brand new baby Rayne, just 24 hours old.

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