The City I Adore

There is just something about it. Something about being one in a million. Something about its’ distinct neighborhoods; its’ beautiful parks; its’ hustle + bustle. There is just something. Something I can’t even put in to words. A love for a city.

New York.

I long loved New York before I had even visited it (first in 2007). I can’t put it into words. The only other cities I adore nearly as much are Berlin and London but really, they aren’t competition!

When I was a teenager I dreamed of moving to the city one day (I know…lots of people dream of moving there) but that dream never faded. It’s not easy for a Canadian to move there (or at least, they certainly don’t give out visas that easily). I may never get to live there but I plan on visited a lot over the next few years. I feel so inspired when I am there. I love the vibe. I love that even after only two visits I know the city like the back of my hand. I love getting coffee in brown paper bags; of the morning rush on the subway. I just love everything about it.

My good friend, Ashley, was over one night this week and we began talking about our future travels plans. We have been to so many places together, including New York, Las Vegas, Southern California and Europe. We are hoping we can get away on a short trip next Spring (somewhere close(ish)) and then hope we can re-visit New York (yay!) during December 2012 (that is a long time away!) and maybe throw in Philidephia and Boston in that same trip. We shall have to see! Oh, how I love dreaming of all the trips I want to take 🙂

{new york, 2010}

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2 Responses to The City I Adore

  1. Danielle says:

    I’ve only been once, but there’s something about New York that captures your imagination. I remember walking the streets on the second or third day I was there thinking “man, I could move here in a heart beat!”

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