No Need To Worry!

This morning, I was nervous. Like really really nervous! I have been to Simon Fraser University (SFU) a zillion times, I was a student there a year ago but this morning felt different. I felt like I was on my first day of school again, stomach butterflies and all. I was nervous the Professional Development Program (PDP) that I was embarking on, to become a teacher, would be extremely artsy fartsy, that I would feel awkward the entire time, that I would not know what to do. Plain and simple, I was nervous.

But…I had no need to be. I had the BEST first day I could have asked for.

The advisor that runs our module is really nice and the other students (all girls – there go my chances of meeting a cute boy! haha) were really friendly and all seem great. And, best of all, all of my worries about the time we spend in Mexico and my lack of Spanish all got washed out the window. Hardly any of the other girls know Spanish and I got many of my Mexico questions answered. Best of all? The program in Mexico seems fantastic. We get to do neat day trips, we get to take Spanish classes (yay), we get to do cool things like take Salsa classes and we end the program with a three-night stay on the beach.

I am honestly floating on air right now, so happy this first day went so amazingly well. Hopefully this day is a sign of the many great days that are to come 🙂 I am super excited for this year ahead!!

Goodnight All!

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2 Responses to No Need To Worry!

  1. Cahy Empey says:

    Sounds like a great program Allie!! I wish you all of the best, and welcome back!

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