My Struggle With Going Gluten-Free

These past few weeks of going gluten-free have been challenging. Oh, they have. I don’t like to admit that it is hard for me but you know what? It has been.

Many of my friends have said, but “Allie, you did Atkins for almost two years! You know how to cut out carbs.” And they are so right! But the difference is, with Atkins you cut out 100% of your carbs: no bread, no baked goods, no fruit, no dairy…no no no. Atkins is a very black and while world and I do well with that. With knowing that  “Yes, I can have that” and “No, I cannot have that.” That makes sense to me.

Gluten…well that’s a whole other ball game. What is Gluten in? Three weeks into being gluten-free, I can’t really give a solid answer. It appears that Gluten is in EVERYTHING! You look on a label and there it is: Gluten. Because of that, I have been avoiding everything that I think might have Gluten in it: store-bought veggie burgers, sauces, etc. This has, however, left me with limited options as to what to eat (remember, only a bit of dairy and no red meat for me!) and, thus, I am having to make so many things from scratch (which is okay…I love cooking and baking but sometimes I just want to come home and pop a pizza in the oven!).

In the past week I found a number of inspiring Gluten-Free blogs (so helpful!) and have been given advice by a number of Gluten-Free people: try recipes and just use Gluten-Free flour instead of All-Purpose flour; read labels!; and experiment!

I think the common theme I am getting is: KEEP TRYING. It is going to require a ton of effort but with determination I am hoping I can make it work.

Do you have any tips on the transition of becoming Gluten-Free? I would love love love to hear them!

Here’s to hoping the next three weeks are a little less challenging!

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3 Responses to My Struggle With Going Gluten-Free

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  2. Sydnie says:

    Hey Allie,

    When I was in France I lived with a girl who couldn’t eat gluten. We made lasagna using potatoes instead or noodles and it was delicious. Also the September issue of Chatelaine has a special on gluten free recipes. I can send them to you if you like.

    I’m glad you’re still blogging even though you’re home. I love reading them!

    Talk soon,

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