Do You Believe In The Secret?

Many of you have heard of “The Secret”, you have either read it, watched the movie or heard about it. I had heard about it too. A few years ago one of my friends told me about “The Secret” and, at the time, I thought it sounded really interesting but I quickly forgot about it…until recently. I heard about it again and decided I must read it. To be honest…I was not quite sure about it at the beginning. I read a bit and put it down. A week later, I read a bit more and then put it down. Then last week, I picked it up and skimmed the rest. I find the book a bit like reading a textbook: you want the information in it but you don’t want to have to read page after page.

The Secret is the law of attraction, you can visualize what you want and attract it. It does sort of make sense to me. Being a positive person has proved (to me anyways) more beneficial than being negative. Thinking happy thoughts = happy person.

Once I was nearing the end of the book, I began to realize that I wanted to remember some of these “secrets” or lessons. So, instead of using my q-cards to learn Spanish (opps!) I started to write down some of the “secrets” from the book. I am now going to hang them on my mirror in my bathroom is hopes that I will start each day on a super positive note!

What do you think? Do you believe in “The Secret”? Does it really work?

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