My Temporary Home

It occurred to me this week that 2011 will most likely go down as the year I had many homes. I lived in Dublin for a large portion of the year, I traveled throughout Europe for 3.5 months, I lived at home for 2 months and I now I am living in Oaxaca, Mexico. I have only been in Oaxaca for less than 72 hours but, already, I can tell this place is going to feel like home really soon.

My Mexican mama, Ruth, is awesome and although I do not know Spanish (yet!) I feel very comfortable in her house. I am off to a dance class with her shortly (yay) so for now, here are a few pictures of my temporary home.

{my room}

{my closet and bathroom}

{the courtyard + the common area and kitchen I share with one other student}

Happy Thursday all!

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