Sickness, School and a Wee Little Video

It’s Tuesday and I am still sick 😦 I am definitely on the mend but it is going slower then I would have liked but I am going to let my tummy take it’s time to re-cover, I don’t want to be sick like this again! I ate food (other than a few crackers) for the first time this morning (since Saturday) and I hoping that is going to give me some energy and start my system up again! I am going to rest today and try and keep giving my self positive thoughts (I will get better soon!) in hopes that by tomorrow I will be close(r) to 100%.

Yesterday, I went to my school for the first time! I was still feeling really ill but I spent two hours there, met my teacher and saw the school. I will be working at a private school teaching ESL to Oaxaca High School students. I was prepared for really large class sizes but was very pleasantly surprised to find that the classes were only 10-12 students! Oh my. I go back to that school on Thursday so I am sure I will have more to share then. I can’t wait to start teaching!

In other news, while I was away at my family’s cabin for Labor Day Long Weekend (way back at the start of September) I filmed a little video using the 8mm Camera App for iPhone. It’s my first try and filming and I think I am going to try and shoot some fun clips of my time here in Oaxaca! Funny story: I originally had a lot more clips but while on the island I actually deleted most of them 😦 Oh well, I still love this short little video!

{Song by Bee Lee, “We’re All in This Together”}

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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