Week Two: Feeling the Blues

I have spent the majority of the last week sick. In fact, it was last Friday when things started to go downhill and it was only yesterday when I actually felt well enough to go out. I am happy to report though that I am feeling so much better and almost back to 100%!

It’s funny to me that I spent a whole year abroad in Europe and never had to go to the doctor. The only illness I got was a cold and I was so grateful for that. But, as luck would have it, only a week into Mexico I came down with a stomach infection. I have had my share of flu’s over the years but this, this was not like the flu. This was pain that was not comforted by Tylenol or tea. This was pain that could not be lessened by movie watching or book reading. This was pure pain. And honestly, I hope I never ever have an infection like this in my life. It was, by far, the worst I can ever remember feeling. Now that I am on the other side, and feeling better I am really taking into consideration how sick I actually was.

On Tuesday, I tried to push myself by going out to an evening presentation my group was having. Boy, should I not have done that. I pushed myself too soon and ended up putting myself back in bed. I had no idea just how much the infection took out of me. But, considering that I had not eaten (anything other then a few crackers) since Saturday morning, I should have realized my body would have been weak.

After taking it easy all day Wednesday I was delighted by some of my friends dropping in for a visit. They instantly lifted my spirits and I felt so much better. And by yesterday I was actually eating semi-normally! After almost a week without so much as a few crackers and Gatorade I was so grateful for feeling better.

Now that this second week is coming to an end, I am so grateful tomorrow brings the fresh start of a new week. I have lots to look forward to in this coming week and I am so happy I am going to be healthy and ready to enjoy it!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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