A Visit to Monte Albán

Last weekend, my group traveled outside of the Oaxaca city limits to Monte Albán, a large archaeological site. Monte Albán was founded around 500 BC and took several hundred years to build (they first flattened the top of the mountain, which took about 200 years! before building the monuments). The city lost its political power around 500 AD and was shortly after abandoned. Like many other sites I have visited in the last few years, it amazes me what people were able to do without modern technology. Absolutely insane!

The day was surprisingly chilly but I managed in my short sleeve shirt 🙂

{with Oaxaca in the background}

{pretty-ness all around}

{working on taking jumping pictures!}

{with my friend Liz}

{the main centre of the site}

So unbelievable that I am living so close to so many amazing historical sites! Yay for being a tourist 🙂

Oh! And, one of the best parts of the day was finding these two cute hats for $4 (total)! I am ready for the beach 🙂

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