A Day Trip Outside the City

On Saturday, we headed out of Oaxaca for the day and toured two different {amazing} sites outside of the city. Our first stop was at Mitla, an archeological site very important to the Zapotec culture. What makes Mitla ubber unique is its elaborate and intricate mosaic designs that cover all of the structures. The most amazing part is that the mosaics are not held together with mortar but are fitted perfectly so that they are held in place alone (apparently no other site in Mexico is like this, very neat!).

{group shot}

{how is this held together? amazing!}

{shot of liz jumping}

After touring around Mitla, we got back in the vans and headed up into the mountains, 10,000 feet up to be exact. We traveled to a gorgeous place where natural pools of water have formed. It was one of the prettiest places I have ever been! My photos do not even come close to doing it justice, it was simply breathtaking.

{amazing pools of water!}

{10,000 feet up, Mexico looks pretty incredible!}

{messy! but it’s the best shot I had}

It was a long and sunny day out of the city and I came back absolutely beat but it was so nice to be outside of the city for a few hours and breathe in some fresh mountain air.

PS I am still home, sick, but am definitely on the mend! Gatorade, crackers, water and meds are going to get me better!

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