101 in 1001: #100 Complete!

I had what seemed to be a never-ending love/hate relationship with Lost. I never watched the series when it was on Prime Time TV as it just didn’t look interesting to me and I didn’t need to add another tv show to my large repertoire of tv shows I watched (at the time).

A bit of a back story, I often don’t jump on board to things that seem popular. I have discussed my reluctance to join Twitter before. I was also a late to the game lover of Harry Potter. I never read any of the books until the first movie came out. I thought the series was too childish and it wasn’t until seeing the first movie that I was hooked and have, since, become a huge lover of Harry Potter, having re-read the series multiple times (the latest being this past Spring!).

Anyways, back on track. I didn’t watch Lost. My brother did. So did many of his friends. So did a lot of other people (duh!). Somewhere in it’s third or forth year I borrowed the first season from my brother’s friend and I was hooked, well, sort of. I loved it, started watching the second then didn’t have time to continue. A year or so later I wanted to watch it again but forgot most of what happened so I had to start all over again (argh!). Somewhere the third season I stopped watching it again. That’s how it got on my list! I have always been intrigued by it but have never completed watching the show 😦

….until now! I have completed #100 on my 101 in 1001 list!

During Summer 2010, a friend gave me the complete series electronically and I have just finished it (being sick in bed gave me time to get through those last few episodes)! I have to say it is a GREAT series. I love shows that are so complicated and interesting. It sort of remind me of Harry Potter – all of the details are just insane! I am so happy to say I have finished it as I now understand why so many people were so in love with the series! I am iffy on the ending and still don’t really understand everything (I wish they had given more details or a better explanation) but still, overall, a really good series.

Yippee for completing another goal!!

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