Off to the Mountains We Go…

This morning my class and I are off to a small village three hours away and 10,000 feet up! We are spending the next two days working with kids out there and learning about life (and the culture) of a rural Mexican community. I am super excited to be away from my phone/computer/the city for the next 36 hours!

In other news, I am on the mend! Yay! I went to see a doctor yesterday who diagnosed me with Gastroenteritis. Though different from the E Coli I had a few weeks ago, this was (most likely) also caused by contaminated food or water. It is oh so frustrating because I have no clue how I am getting these ugly bugs. I am now some new meds and have a list of foods I need to avoid so hopefully I will start to feel (even) better in the next few days. I am so tired to being sick in Mexico! I am going to start washing my hands and carrying around hand sanitizer like there is no tomorrow. No more sickness for me!

I am off to sing campfire songs, bundle up in warm clothes and experience a difference side to Mexico! Have a lovely Thursday 🙂

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