Homesick: To Be Expected, Right?

I am homesick right now. Like, really, really, I want to jump on a plane and come home, homesick. It’s really funny how it creeps up on me, something little and unexpected happens and BAM! I am crying and I want to be home. It’s not even a big deal, I have, after all, been away for over a month and though I have been having a fantastic time, it is only natural to feel homesick, right?!

I remember when it happened (this time last year, actually) and it lasted for a few short days and then I was back to my normal self 🙂

I had a good long chat with my bestie this morning and ate my go-to comfort food (peanut butter!) so I am sure it will be only a matter of hours (or a few days) before I am no longer homesick. But right now, I am going to feel okay with being homesick, eat a little more peanut butter and call it an early night.

Tomorrow, I plan on Skyping some more (oh how I love Skype!) and then head to a cafe in town to sit and do some lesson planning! Hopefully tomorrow I will wake-up feeling a-okay again 🙂

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