One Evening We Made Tutus…

Last week, Oaxaca was a very exciting place to be. It was the week of Day of the Dead, a celebration honoring people who have past away. I have had so so much fun getting dressed up, partaking in festivities and hanging out with my friends 🙂

Before the festivities started, a bunch of us gathered to make tutus that would be part of our costume for Day of the Dead. The tutus were very simple of make and are so much fun! Each of us made different ones to reflect our personality. So awesome!

Before heading to the party, my friend, Amanda, and I whipped up some quick appetizers to take with us. We made Andie’s Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip, changing it up a bit by adding in some red pepper and tons of fresh garlic (as I have no spices!). As well, we took a store-bought hummus and made it a bit more special by adding in a bunch of fresh tomatoes and some garlic (everything is better with garlic!). Both appies were a hit and will probably have to be made again before we leave Oaxaca 🙂

I have missed cooking so much it is starting to drive me crazy. There isn’t much I love better than cooking and baking and not doing it for this past month has been really hard! Oh well, less than two months now and I will be back home and cooking again 🙂

Tutu making was so fun; many pictures to come from the two crazy fun nights we dressed up!

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2 Responses to One Evening We Made Tutus…

  1. You look so great! Love the dip and I always crave hummus. 🙂

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