Not Just All Fun + Partying, I Swear!

Though my last few posts showcased all the fun I had during the Day of the Dead festivities, there was also a whole lot of learning that went on 🙂 Like I mentioned earlier, Day of the Dead celebrates those who have passed. It is a belief that during this time of the year the people who have passed come back (sort of to visit) before returning to their resting place. It is a really beautiful concept: everyone celebrating their past loved ones during the same week.

As part of the tradition, families, schools and businesses build alters to honor their loved ones, putting out food, flowers and pictures. Here are a few of the (many) beautiful alters I saw during the week:

{the alter at my house, an alter at a cemetery and the alter at a nearby hotel}

{an alter at my mexican grandma’s house + huge sand sculpture on display in the city centre}

{my and my housemate, Remy, at a Day of the Dead family lunch}

That’s it for my Day of the Dead posts! It was an incredible exciting time to be in Mexico and I am so grateful I was here to experience the fun and take in the culture. I can’t wait to bring what I learned back to Canada!

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