Learning That Art Can Be Fun

Though I really enjoy being creative {event planning, scrapbook, card making, just to name a few}, I have never really enjoyed art. I have memories of loving art as a child but somewhere along the way, my artistic skills (or lack thereof) were criticized and art stopped being fun. I started looking at it as something I wasn’t good at versus something I could have fun with.

While in Mexico, we were lucky enough to have an art teacher visit us and do an art workshop with us. We explored a few different mediums and created a few fun pieces. Here is what I came up with:We started out by having three minutes (gulp!) to frame (in our minds) and roughly paint a flower arrangements. Once it was dried we have five more minutes to add more paint and incorporate crayons and pastels into our picture.

I really loved the session because it taught me that art doesn’t need to be perfect but rather can be fun! By creating art that wasn’t about perfect lines, I was able to make mistakes, cover them up and have fun with it. Such a good lesson for me 🙂 Maybe I will have to try painting again soon…

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