A Morning at the Organic Market

This past weekend I spent Saturday morning visiting the Organic Market in Oaxaca. It is one of my favorite places in Oaxaca so I was excited to visit it again. Everything (clothing, jewelery and food) is organic and they use reusable dishes and they recycle. In a city where a lot of things are disposable and there is no recycling program (I mean zero recycling) it is so nice to be in a green environment 🙂 Here are a few snapshots…

{Amanda, loving the organic juice, my yummy breakfast/lunch, the best gluten-free corn bread muffins (so good!), Jen and the awesome Italian treats, Remy and her Mexican pizza, and my fresh squeezed organic orange juice}

So glad I was able to visit the market again!

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3 Responses to A Morning at the Organic Market

  1. Jenn says:

    Looks like your having so much fun!

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